Oriental Lilies


Contact and Costs:

Pilates: w/Lisa at 671.5516 mindfullivin@gmail.com  ($10/class)

Yoga: w/Lisa at 671.5516 mindfullivin@gmail.com  ($10/class)

Qigong: w/Dale at 884.1559 or dalebkent@gmail.com  ($5/class)


Meditation: w/ Kevin at kevinpsouza@yahoo.com    (donations accepted)  

Yoga: w/Ruth at   yoga4life@msn.com or 240-5831 ($8/class, $30 for 4 classes).





 Luv’N Light Studio

512 N. Division St.

Carson City, NV  89703


Located in back parking lot off Robinson.


Weekly Schedule

                                                                                                 (updated 6/14/2010)



9:00-10:00am Qi Gong w/ Dale                 dalebkent@gmail.com ($5/class)


5:45am-7:00pm Yin Yoga w/ Lisa             mindfulivin@gmail.com ($10/class)

(5:15-6:30, 14th and 21st of June)  



9:15-10:30am Mat Pilates w/ Lisa               mindfulivin@gmail.com ($10/class)

5:45am-7:00pm Hatha Flow Yoga w/ Lisa  mindfulivin@gmail.com ($10/class)




9:00-10:00am Qi Gong w/ Dale             dalebkent@gmail.com ($5/class)


5:45-7:00pm Pilates w/ Lisa                  mindfulivin@gmail.com ($10/ class) 




11:30am-12:30pm Yoga w/ Ruth          yoga4life@msn.com ($8/class, $30 for 4 classes)


5:45-7:00pm Yoga w/ Lisa                  mindfulivin@gmail.com ($10/class)

7:00-8:00pm Zen Meditation w/ Kevin kevinpsouza@yahoo.com (donations accepted)



6:00-7:00am Pilates w/ Lisa                mindfulivin@gmail.com ($10/ class)




11:00-12:00am Qigong w/ Dale           dalebkent@gmail.com ($5/class)



** Please check out our events section for current workshops going on**

 *Class schedule is subject to change at instructors' discretion.


Pilates w/Lisa

Trained in classical pilates through Power Pilates of New York Lisa brings a systematic integrative approach to pilates training. This program brings focus to stabilzation and strength of the core before working the peripheral parts of the body. The result provides students with an energized pain free and strong body. Please contact Lisa with questions at mindfulivin@gmail.com or 775-671-5516.


Qi Gong w/Dale

Dale lived and trained for seven years at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, the first Buddhist monastery established outside of Asia. For the past few years he has been studying qigong and taiji. He currently teaches a simple yet powerful form of qigong called Four Seasons Qigong which he learned from Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. This series of gentle stretches and movements strengthens and energizes the body and nourishes the internal organs. Contact Dale at 775.884.1559 or dalebkent@gmail.com ($5/class)

Zen Meditation w/ Kevin

Kevin is a lay Zen practitioner who has been studying Zen under the guidance of Jakusho Kwong-roshi, the founder and Abbot of Sonoma Mountain Zen Center, for the past 2 years. His group is designed for everyone and anyone interested in Zen meditation. He will provide basic sitting and walking meditation instruction and will also play recorded Dharma talks to help provide a teaching. Contact Kevin at 775-690-7784

kevinpsouza@yahoo.com  www.meetup.com/onetreezen

Classes are free but donations are accepted.

Yoga w/Ruth

"Ruth has been teaching yoga since 2001.  She is a certified Ashtanga yoga instructor, and has practiced yoga for more than 30 years.  Ruth is originally from Hong Kong.  She studies “I-Ching “ (The Book Of Change) and Tao, and enjoys meditation with Chinese classical music."  Contact Ruth at 775.240.5831 or  Yoga4Life@msn.com. Cost:$8/class, $30 for 4 classes